Swapping Users

Swapping users on Concord will allow you to remove one user and replace them with a new user without effecting any changes to your current subscription plan.

Removing a User:

In order to swap users, first step is to remove the user that is being replaced. To remove a user, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Company Settings > Users
  • Select the user or email address to be removed
  • Click on Remove user on the top of the page
  • Click Confirm and Delete User



Once the user is removed, they will no longer be able to access the account. Administrators can use the Administrator Access feature to access the documents in the removed user account.


Adding a new User:

Once the user has been removed, you can replace them by adding a new user. Click here to learn more about adding new users.


Important note:

Once done, a new user would be added and will have replaced the previous user. This will also ensure that no changes to your current subscription are made.

In order to ensure the new user has appropriate access to documents and features on Concord, administrators will need to make sure the new user is assigned the appropriate Document Access and Role.

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