Redline and Track Changes


Often, during contract lifecycles, there will be a need to redline a document during the negotiation process. The term redline comes from contract management on paper, with changes and edits marked in red pen. Concord allows you to redline a document by tracking marks and changes in real-time collaboratively with other users.


Make Redlines and Track Changes

  • Open the document from your documents page and select 'Edit'
  • Click 'Revisions' from the top toolbar
  • Click the toggle button beside 'Track Changes' (blue indicates it is active)
  • Make your revisions (If there are multiple revisions with multiple parties, each party's revisions will be color-coded)
  • Click Save 



Accept or Reject a Change

  • To accept or reject a single change:


  • Hover over the 'change' icon (in the right-hand margin)
  • Click the blue checkmark to accept or the X reject


Accept or Reject ALL Changes at Once



  • Click Revisions 
  • Select 'Accept all changes" or 'Reject all changes'


Note: Tracked changes can be accepted both outside of the 'Edit mode' or in active 'Edit mode' by users who have Full editing rights on the document.

  • Until all changes are accepted or rejected, the signature button will be locked, and you will see a message indicating this is due to the remaining track changes that need to be addressed.


Follow the links to learn more about comparing and tracking and making comments.



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