Redline and track changes

Make redlines and track changes

  1. Click Edit
  2. Click Revisions from the top toolbar
  3. Click the toggle button beside 'Track Changes' (blue indicates it is activated)
  4. Make your revisions (If there are multiple revisions with multiple parties, each party's revisions will be color-coded)
  5. Click Save track_changes.png


Accept or Reject a Change

To accept or reject a single change:


  1. Hover over the "change" icon (in the right-hand margin)
  2. Click the blue checkmark to accept or the X reject

To accept or reject ALL changes at once: 


  1. Click Revisions 
  2. Select "Accept all changes" or "Reject all changes"


NOTE: Tracked changes can be accepted both outside of the "Edit mode" or in the "Edit mode" by users who have "Full editing" rights on the document.


Trouble Signing?: Until all changes are accepted or rejected, the signature button will be locked and you will see a message indicating this is due to the remaining track changes that need to be addressed.


Use this link if you'd like to learn more about Comparing and tracking versions.
Use this link if you'd like to learn more about making comments on the document. 




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