Track Changes

Now you can redline your documents without ever taking negotiation offline, with the new Track Changes feature.

  • Track changes: Your edits are highlighted making it easy for collaborators and external parties to see. Add comments to illustrate and explain your changes. 
  • Accept and Reject changes: Review and accept proposed changes, or reject changes you don't want to keep. 
  • Have a clear history: See at-a-glance all the changes—what it was; who made, accepted, or rejected the changes; and any discussion, comments, or previous versions.

To Track the changes on your document, click Edit and activate the Track Changes feature. Make any edits and they will automatically be marked and tracked.



To Accept or Reject a change, click the highlighted text and click the check mark button or the cross button. All tracked changes will need to be accepted or rejected.



Tracked changes can be accepted both outside of the "Edit mode" or in the "Edit mode" by users who do have the full editing rights on the document. Users with editing rights will also be able to make their own redlines on your document.

Important Note: until all changes are accepted or rejected, the signature button will be locked and you will see a message indicating this is due to the remaining track changes that need to be addressed.




To view all changes made, you can go to History >> Comment and see a trail of all change made, by who and who accepted and rejected them.



You'll never have to email or fax documents back-and-forth or worry about version control again.


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