4. Managing document access rights with Tags

As an Administrator, you can give either individual users or teams in your company permission to access specific document types:

Document Templates- determines which user / team can use a template specific to their needs

Tagged Executed document - in addition to having access to the executed documents generated by the user directly, this permission gives the user automatic access to executed documents (associated with a tag(s)) generated by other users from your company as well.

 This feature is available with subscription of Group, Pro, and Enterprise

Assigning Document Access Rights:

You can assign any one user or team these types of documents accessed by simply adding them as a collaborator.

Document accesses are applied to Tags

Who has access to which tags will be summarized in Settings >> Document access:


Here, for all documents tagged as Marketing (Marketing Tag), the Marketing Team (M) and an additional user is given access as a collaborator. 

Note: You can assign as many teams and users you want to a tag.


Setting up a new Document access:

Document Access rules are defined through your company tags. Use one tag per access rule. Tags will give users automatic access to documents categorized with a certain tag.

Important: By default, new users added to your account will not have access to any documents until granted by an Administrator.

Settings > Company Settings > Document Access> Add an Access Rule> Tags / Collaborators


Other examples of Document access:

Example 1:


The first document access rule above is created from the “Sales” tag.This rule gives access to and defines the roles as follows:

  • 21 documents have the “Sales” tag
  • Collaborators include: 2 Teams (S and F) and 3 Users


Example 2:



This second document access rule example above is created from the “Budget” sub-tag of "1.Finance". This rule gives access to and defines the roles as follows:

  • Collaborator: 1 Team (F) that contains 2 users


Example 3:


The third document access rule above is created from adding both the “Finance” + “2015” tags into one single Access Rule.

Collaborator associated to this rule will have access to documents that were tagged with both the tags “Finance” AND “2015”.

They would NOT have access to documents that were tagged with only “Finance” or only “2015”.


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