Manage document access rights with tags

As an Administrator, you can give individual users or teams in your company permission to access documents that have a specific tag.


Types of documents:

These access rules apply to both:

  • Document Templates - so that the users/teams can use templates specific to their needs;
  • Executed document - in addition to having access to the executed documents generated by or shared with the user him/herself, this permission gives the user automatic access to documents that have a certain tag, as soon as they are fully signed.

These access rules do not apply to documents that are in Review.

You can assign as many teams and users as you want to a tag.



View access rules:

As an Administrator, you can view who has access to which tags in the Settings >> Document access menu:


In this example, all documents tagged as "4.Marketing" will be accessible by the Marketing Team (M) and an additional user (picture).


Setting up a new Document access rule:

As an administrator, click on the "Add an Access Rule" button to setup a new rule.


Document Access rules are defined through selecting one tag (click Select tag), and the list of users/teams to give access to (Add/remove collaborators):

All Templates and Executed documents bearing that tag will be accessible to those users.

Important: By default, new users added to your account will not have access to any documents until granted by an Administrator.


Updating an existing Document access rule:

As an Administrator, click on Edit next to an existing rule to edit it:

It is possible to modify the selected Tag and/or the list of users.



Example 1:


The first document access rule above is created from the “6. Sales” tag.

  • 21 documents have the “Sales” tag;
  • 2 Teams (S and F) and 3 Users have access to these documents.


Example 2:


This second document access rule example above is created from the “Budget” sub-tag of "1. Finance".

  • 1 Document has this sub-tag;
  • 1 Team (F) that contains 2 users (details given on mouse over) have access to this document.


Important note:

It is no longer possible to define access rules based on a combination of tags (i.e. several tags at once). Such rules existing in the platform are maintained and applied, but they should be replaced with single tag rules whenever possible.


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