Create a document (Video Guide)

Here is a short video (1:21) that will get you started on Concord.

To create a document on Concord:

  • Navigate to your Inbox, select the "New Document" button at the top of the sidebar, and select "New document to sign".
  • Enter a title for the document in the field at the top of the page. 
  • Third Party Name (optional): Set the Third-party name even before inviting a third party so you can find your documents more easily.
  • Description (optional): Briefly describe in a few words or a sentence the document subject, or provide any other useful clarifications. Anyone with access to the document will be able to see this description.
  • Tags (optional): create a new tag or add any existing tags. You can use tags to classify your documents, or to grant colleagues access to the document based on the specific tags assigned to them.


To draft the document, you can either:

  • Draft your document directly in the editor.
  • Import a Word or PDF file by either clicking on the "Import Word or PDF" on the draft page. Select the type of file format you would like to import. When importing a Word document, the contents will be editable in Concord. PDF imports are not editable.
  • Or, drag and drop any Word or PDF from your computer on to Concord.


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