Editing a Document

One of the key benefits of Concord is the ability to edit your contract directly from the platform. 

To make edits:

  1. Create a new document or navigate to an existing document you wish to edit.
  2. From the document toolbar, select "Edit".


  3. Revise the document (modify text, add images, add fields, etc.) 
  4. Click "Save". 


Note: Whenever you click the Save button a new version of the document is created and all parties on the document are automatically notified of the new version.

You can view, compare, and restore prior versions of the document by selecting the 'Versions' button from the document toolbar. 

You can also post messages to the Discussion Panel under the Discussion tab to collaborate with colleagues and external guests. 

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    Dan Kim

    There should be an ability to revert back to an older version (ie Reject change).

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    Nicole Thaslim

    Thank you for your comment Dan. Reverting back to an older version is not currently a feature we have. However, we appreciate your input and will be sure to bring this up to our product team!

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