Creating a Template

Create a template from scratch

 To create a template from scratch:

  • Click on "New Document" in the navigation menu.
  • Click on "New Template". 

To create your template, you can either:

Option 1:

  • Draft your contract template directly on the Concord draft page by clicking on the  "Edit" button, and begin drafting.
  • Click on the "Edit" button and copy/paste text from another file into the draft page (make sure to check the layout of your contract after you copy/paste)

Option 2:

  • You can Import a Word or PDF file by clicking the "Import document" button in the contract edit header. 
  • Or Drag and drop any Word or PDF from your computer onto Concord (be sure to drag to the larger box underneath, as the top box is for attachments).


On the template draft page:

Enter contract template title (required): choose a title that will designate this draft as a template. 

Create a template from an existing contract

To create a template from an existing contract:

  • Select a contract you want to copy as a template.
  • Once in the contract page, go to the "..." (more options) button on the top right of the document, then click on "Save as Template".



You can find all your templates by clicking on the "Templates" tab on the left of the home page. 


Use these articles for more information on delegating "Required Fields" or "Signature Fields" in your template to delegate to internal or external parties.

To templatize meta-data, alerts, and more, use this article learn about the "Summary Sheet".





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