Using an Automated Template

The automated template feature allows users to automatically generate documents and instantly share it with the corresponding parties.

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How To

Select the automated template you would like to use:

1. Download the preconfigured excel file from the Automated Template by hovering your mouse over the ellipsis (...) next to the "EDIT" button.

2. Select "Download excel template" to fully download the automated excel template.


3. Open the excel template and fill out the columns accordingly (your automated fields will be the columns in blue at the far right of the template). Each row will be it's own contract.

4. Once completed, click "File" then "Save as" to name this batch of contracts to send out (I.E. Student Registrants for Fall semester 2019).

Filling_out_Excel_File.gif Note: To include several email addresses or tags for the same contract, separate them using a “comma” (and not a “semicolon”) in the corresponding columns.

5. Once your excel template is saved and named, go back to your Concord Automated Template and click the red "USE" button.

6. Click "Browse" and locate your saved excel file. Select the file and click "Open"

7. Write a message you'd like your guests to receive, then click "CREATE CONTRACTS"


Your contracts will populate in your Documents page in the "Review" stage. If you entered their email in the "Save for later" column, you can send their invitation by hovering over the pause (") icon next to the "SHARE" button.


1. Do not change column titles in the automated template excel file. The file will not upload to the system.
2. Adding several parties to a field in the excel file will only work if you use a comma to separate the data.

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