Using an Automated Template with Excel

The automated template feature allows users to automatically generate documents and instantly share them with the corresponding parties.

Using an Automated Template with Excel

1. Open an Automated Template

Select an automated template you would like to use from your Documents page, or create a new one. To learn how to create an automated template, click here.

2. Download the Excel file

If you're ready to Use the template today: 

  1. Click Use at the top right-hand corner of the document blobid0.png
  2. In the pop-up modal, click the blue "blank Excel template" link blank_excel_template.png

If you're not ready to Use the template today but you'd like to download and fill the Excel file ahead of time:

  1. Click File in the top toolbar
  2. Click the arrow beside Automated template 
  3. Click Download Excel template



3. Fill your Excel file:

Open the Excel template and fill out the columns accordingly (your automated fields will be the columns in blue at the far right of the template).

Each row represents a separate contract.


  •  To include several email addresses or tags for the same contract, separate them using a “comma” (and not a “semicolon”) in the corresponding columns.
  • Do not enter parties' email addresses as hyperlinks
  • Do not change column titles in the automated template excel file. The file will not upload to the system.


4. Save your Excel file

Click "File" then "Save as": add a title and Save as an .xlsx file


5. Import your Excel file

  1. Navigate to your Concord Automated Template. If you haven't opened the Automated Template pop-up modal yet or closed it by mistake, simply click Use:blobid0.png
  2. From the Automated Template pop-up modal, click Browse and locate your saved excel file. browse.png

  3. Select the file from your device's files list and click Open


7. Create and send your documents

Write a message you'd like ALL of your guests to receive (optional)

Finally, click the blue Create Documents documents button.


The documents will populate in your Documents page in the Review stage.


If you entered a party's email in the Save for later column, you can send their invitation by hovering over the pause (") icon next to the SHARE button.



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