Filling out required fields

A required field is information that the drafting party is requiring you to add to the contract. A status bar at the top of the contract indicates the number of required fields remaining, and arrows guide you from one required field to the next.

Markers at the side of the contract indicate the corresponding line location for each required field. Yellow pencil marks indicate a required field that needs to be edited, and green checkmarks indicate completed fields.

To complete required fields:

  • Select the word(s) highlighted in yellow 
  • Edit and fill the highlighted word(s) directly on the contract with the corresponding information

Once all the required fields are completed, the contract will be unlocked for signature. 


Having trouble filling out the fields? 

This could be because:

  • You are in Edit mode. Exit the Edit mode by clicking Save or Cancel.
  • The field is assigned to someone else. In that case, the field will be greyed out. 


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