Creating forms in documents

You can use Form fields for any document information you want your users/third parties to fill, as well as building intake forms, vendor requests, or sales requests.

To create a form field in your document:

  1. Click "EDIT" at the top right hand side of your document.
  2. Place your mouse cursor where you'd like your Form Field to go.
  3. Once placed, click the "Form Fields" button located on the header of the word processor.
  4. Select the type of Form field you'd like. If your Form Field is either for "Radio Buttons" or "Checkboxes", select how many options you'd like your users/guests choose from.
  5. Delegate which parties or individuals are able to fill these fields out, as well as toggle whether or not the field is "Required" (which will lock the ability to sign until field is completed).
  6. When finished, click the green "SAVE" button at the top right of your document.


Note: Please ensure that third parties are given limited editing rights only when sharing the document. This will allow third parties to fill the fields, but not edit the document. To learn more, on sharing a document, click this article.


Required fields (outdated feature)

Previously on Concord, we only offered "required fields", which are a version of Form fields with less functionality. Required fields work the same way as Short answers (one of the Form fields) but you cannot set them as optional.


Can I still work with documents that contain the original Required fields?

  • Yes, documents with old Required fields are still usable

How do I convert the old Required fields in my document to Form fields?

  • Remove all the Required fields, Save and Refresh.
  • Once done, click Edit again and click “Form fields” in the toolbar to add new fields

I do not see the Form field dropdown menu, only Special fields:

  • Your document may contain old Required fields. Remove them, Save and Refresh to be able to insert new form fields


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