Insert required fields

When using fillable fields you can control the content editable by third parties. 

Fillable fields to be filled out will be highlighted in yellow. Once updated, they will convert to green. 

To insert an editable field in a template, automated template, or draft:

  • Click on "Edit".
  • Then click on the "Required Fillable Field" button in the top middle of the page.
  • Insert the desired editable field name (such as address, name, company name, etc.) in the popup.  Click "Ok".


Alternatively, you can highlight areas you wish to make editable and click on "Required Field"

Note: please ensure that third parties are given limited editing rights only when sharing the contract. This will allow third parties to fill the required fields, but not edit the contract. 

All fillable fields must be filled out before the contract can be signed. 

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