Approval workflow

The approval feature allows users to require internal approval flows for the contract prior to its signature. This feature is only available with Pro and Enterprise subscriptions.

You can add contract approval requirements directly in the template summary sheet or when in draft mode.


Step 1: Adding a rule

To add an internal approval rule:

    • Go to the template or draft's summary sheet (right of the page).
    • Click on "Set an approval".
    • If you subscribe to the Enterprise plan, you will be able to pick your approval flow amongst a list of pre-defined and pre-approved approval workflows.

Note: To create Company approvals go to:

  • Options
  • Company approvals
  • Click “Add new approval”


    • If you subscribe to the Pro plan, you will be able to define approvals for your document with the following options:
      • Select "Anyone" if the approval of only one person is required prior to signature.
      • Select "Everyone” if multiple approvers are needed prior to signature.

Step 2: Requesting approval

Once the rule is in place, all the contract creator has to do is request approval by going to the Summary tab in the contract and clicking on the "Request Approval" button.


The approval rule will only block the ability to sign the contract, but not the validation or negotiation stage. 

Users can see the person required for approval directly in the summary tab, as well as the status of their decision (rejected or approved). 

Step 3: Granting or rejecting approval

Users with approval rights can:

  • Approve the contract.
  • Reject approval of the contract.
  • Or cancel their approval or rejection once granted. 


Users can still edit a contract before or after approval has been granted. However, if any party (user, approver, or third party) edits the contract after it has been approved, approval will need to be granted once again, for the contract to be signed. 

Once approval has been granted, all parties will be able to sign it. 

The timeline of changes and approvals will be listed in the Audit Trail to the right of the contract in the summary tab, and will not be shared with third parties once the contract is sent for signature.


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