Terminating a contract

What Does "Terminate a Contract" Mean?

When your company cancels a contract, you can mark it as "terminated" on Concord in order to easily identify it for future reference. 

Note: Terminating a contract on Concord will not send a termination notice the other parties. If you'd like to notify them then you will have to send the notice of termination.

How to Terminate a Contract? 

To mark a contract as terminated:

  • Open the signed contract from your contract library.Then go to the "..." (more options) button at the top right of the contract and click on "Mark as terminated".
  • Enter the date of termination notice, and the effective date of termination (the date when the contract was effectively terminated).
  • Click "Mark as terminated" to confirm.



You can cancel termination at any time by going to "..." (more options) button, and then select "Cancel the termination". 

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