Create an Automated Template with Excel

This feature is available with Pro and Enterprise plans.

Automated Templates allow users to bulk send documents in just a couple of clicks. And, thanks to automated variables, each document will be personalized to external guests.

The following instructions are for the Automated Template with Excel feature. For Automated Template with Salesforce instructions, please click here.

Creating a new Automated Template with Excel

  1. From Home, click + New Document
  2. Click the '>' arrow beside "New Template"
  3. Select Automated with Excel 
  4. Select Import > import your Word file
  5. Add a title and fill the Summary Sheet
  6. Click 'Save'


Changing a standard Template to an Automated Template

  1. Open your Template
  2. Click on the "..." options menu beside Edit
  3. Select 'Set as automated template'


If the Salesforce integration is enabled, you will receive the following prompt to select your desired Automated Template type: Excel or Salesforce. For more information on setting up the Salesforce integration, visit here. This guide will focus on the Excel automated template. 

The Automated Template will be available in the "Templates" tab to the left of the home page.

Creating Automated Variables

Automated Variables are what give Automated Templates extra power to merge dynamic information across contracts using one Excel file. 

Each variable set up in an Automated Template will correspond to a column in the custom Excel file that is generated for each automated template. 

To insert variables: 

  1. Click EDIT at the top of the document.
  2. Highlight the terms you wish to make a variable and copy the words (or place your mouse cursor where you want your field to go)
  3. From the Special Fields menu in the processing tool at the top of the document, select "Automated Variable" (available only on non-PDF documents)
  4. Paste the terms you copied in step 2 into the field, or type in your text placeholder term
  5. Click "Save"


Downloading the Excel Template 

Using the template is the next step, to learn more, visit here

To use your Automated Template, download the Excel file that includes your new variables: 

  • Open the Automated Template
  • In the ellipsis menu, select 'Download excel template'

Open the downloaded Excel file, and along with the other standard metadata and email address fields will be your new variables, as seen below. 

Using an Automated Template

Click here to learn more.


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