Create an automated template

Automated Templates allows you to bulk send documents in a couple of clicks. Thanks to automated variables, each of the sent documents will be personalized to your third parties. 

This feature is available with Plus and Enterprise subscription.

To create an automated template:

  • Click on "New Document", then "New document to sign."
  • Import your Word file (or copy/paste) and add a title. You can also add a description and a tag.
  • Click "Save", then "Save as Automated Template."

The automated template will be available in the "Templates" tab to the left of the home page.

Once you have created an automated template, you can designate which content will be variable. Variables appear in blue and will be updated with data particular to each contract.

To create variables:

  • Click on the automated template, then click on "Edit".
  • Highlight the terms you wish to transform into a variable and click on "Automated Variable".
  • Click "Save".

These variables correspond to the different columns of the excel file.



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