Manage subsidiaries

This feature is available with some of our paid plans.

Allowing you to better organize your contracts, Concord's subsidiary management' feature allows you to manage multiple company accounts.

Creating a Subsidiary

If you are an Administrator in your main (parent) company account, you can add subsidiaries and search among ALL contracts directly from your main company account. 


  1.  Click on the settings cog located on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and select Settings
  2. Select Companies under PERSONAL.
  3. Click 'Add a company'
  4. In the popup, enter the company name, description and your job title in the fieldsblobid5.png
  5. In the email field, enter the email addresses of people you would like to invite to join the new company (this can be performed later in User Settings). Multiple emails must be separated by a comma. 
  6. Click Create


Switching to your Subsidiary

Users that belong to multiple company accounts will have access to the company switcher tool. 

To switch company accounts at any time:


  1. Click on the settings cog
  2. Click the company name (at the top of the menu)
  3. Select the other company name from the list

The page will automatically update. This will remain your default company until manually switched back again.



To associate a company as a subsidiary, the user creating it has to be an administrator for both companies.

To associate a company as a subsidiary, the parent company cannot be a subsidiary of another company.

The parent company must be created before any subsidiary can be connected.

When connecting a subsidiary to a parent company, the administrator receives a single invoice, and can search contracts from all connected subsidiaries directly from the administrator’s main account. You can add as many subsidiaries as necessary at no extra cost. 
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