Invite a party to a document

Securely invite colleagues and internal parties to your document by sending an invitation with the Share feature:


You can send anyone an invitation to join your document Concord, so long as they have a valid email address.  


  1. Click Share at the top-right of the screen
  2. Enter the email(s) of whoever you'd like to invite (If inviting multiple people at a time, separate each email with a comma). 
  3. Select their editing rights(full Editor, Limited/fields only, or Viewer/none)
  4. Optional: Write a customized message to send in the email invitation
  5. Click Send to send the invite right away, or Save for Later to send at a later time. 

Once sent, each party will receive a personal secure document invitation link to their email address.

Note: You can adjust editing rights after sharing the contract. Click here to learn more.


Invite a user from a specific subsidiary 

The Subsidiary Management feature is available with some of our paid plans.

When sharing a document with a user that belongs to multiple subsidiaries, users can choose the recipient's specific subsidiary alias. This feature can be enabled in SETTINGS > PERSONAL SETTINGS > PREFERENCES by checking the box beside 'Invite users from a specific subsidiary'.

Once enabled, simply type in the user email in the Share window and select the desired company alias you would like to invite.



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