Sharing a contract or saving for later

You can share a contract via Concord with anyone within or outside of your organization so long as they have a valid email address.  

To share a contract, simply go to the Concord homepage and click the title of the contract that you would like to share.  Once you arrive at the contract view page click the blue "share" button on the top right-hand corner of the contract.

Once you see the share settings window, you can add and customize

  • Who you would like to invite to the contract.
  • The editing rights of each party.
  • The message that the party will receive in their email. 


Once you have added all of the necessary information you can click the blue "SEND" button or click "SAVE FOR LATER".  Clicking "SEND" will place your customized email invitation in the receiver's inbox in just a few seconds.  Clicking "SAVE FOR LATER" will keep the person's email, editing rights, and customized invitation on the contract for you to send at another point in time.  

Once you do send the invitation, each party will then be able to create an account for FREE, at which point they will be directed to the contract you shared with them.

You can edit users rights after sharing the contract, use this link to learn more.


Inviting Users From a Specific Subsidiary

Enterprise users who work with subsidiaries can add users from a specific subsidiary directly when sharing a document. Simply type in the user email in the Share window, and select the company you would like to invite them under.



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