Assigning Roles to users

By assigning Roles, you can choose who has the right to perform particular actions on Concord (right to sign a document, modify a template, delete a document, etc.). There are two types of roles: 

  • "System" roles (Administrator, User, Read Only) are pre-configured by Concord and cannot be modified;
  • "Custom" roles allow you to define ad hoc roles by selecting permitted and prohibited actions.


Important: By default, the first user created in your company has an "Administrator" role. All subsequent users have a "User" role. Each user has one and only one role inside a given company.


To view the role list

As an Administrator, you can view the role list and their definition in Company Settings > Roles.



To change a user’s role :

As an Administrator, go to the User list (Company Settings > Users). 

Select the User(s) you want to assign a new role to, then click on the Assign role button and select the target role in the list :

Alternatively, you can go to Company Settings > Role, click View or Edit next to the target role. In the role details page, click Add users, select the users, then click Submit and Save settings.

E.g.: to add another user as an Administrator, follow these steps:

  • Click on the grey wheel on the bottom left corner of your screen > Click Settings
  • Go to Company Settings > Users
  • Select the user
  • Click Assign role then click on Administrator


To create a customized role :

As an Administrator, go to Company Settings > Role, then click Add a New Role. Enter the Role Name and Description (optional), select the features to allow with the sliders, then click Save settings.

Examples of features you can allow or not in a customized role :

  • Edit a contract in project
  • Sign a contract
  • Add attachment files to a contract in project
  • Invite people to negotiate a contract
  • Comment on contracts
  • Edit a signed contract
  • Add attachment files to a signed contract
  • Edit users with access to a signed contract
  • Edit a template
  • Create & edit tags
  • List all tags


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