Managing roles

A role is a collection of permissions to access and perform actions within the Concord platform. By assigning roles, you can choose which users have the ability to perform particular actions on Concord (such as the right to sign a document, modify a template, or delete a document, etc.).

There are four types of roles: 

  • "System" roles (Administrator, User, Read Only, and Team Manager) are pre-configured and cannot be modified or removed from the platform;
  • "Custom" roles are created by administrators and allow you to define ad-hoc roles by selecting permitted and prohibited actions.


Important: By default, the first user created in your company has an "administrator" role. All subsequent users have a "user" role. Each user can be assigned only one role per company account in Concord.


Viewing the role list

As an Administrator, you can view the role list and their definition in Company Settings > Roles.


Modifying a user’s role:

As an Administrator, go to the User list (Company Settings > Users). 

In the user list, select the checkboxes of the users you want to assign to a role. An 'Assign role' action will appear in the list toolbar when one or more checkboxes is selected. Click on 'Assign role' and select the role from the menu: 

Alternatively, you can go to Company Settings > Role, click View or Edit next to the target role. In the role details page, click Add users, select the users, then click Submit and Save settings.

After assigning or modifying a User's Role, the User must refresh the Concord application (log out > login) for changes to take effect. 

E.g.: to add another user as an Administrator, follow these steps:

  • Click on the grey wheel on the bottom left corner of your screen > Click Settings
  • Go to Company Settings > Users
  • Select the user
  • Click Assign role then click on Administrator

Creating a custom role

As an Administrator, go to Company Settings > Role, then click Add a New Role. Enter the Role Name and Description (optional), select the features to allow with the sliders, then click Save settings.

Examples of features you can provide access to or restrict in a customized role:

  • Edit a contract in project
  • Sign a contract
  • Add attachment files to a contract in project
  • Invite people to negotiate a contract
  • Comment on contracts
  • Edit a signed contract
  • Add attachment files to a signed contract
  • Edit users with access to a signed contract
  • Edit a template
  • Create and edit tags
  • List all tags


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