2. Manage your contract tags

Why use Tags?

Tags will help you:

  • organize your contracts into folders
  • easily retrieve your contracts
  • control who has access to categories or groups  of contracts (more info here)

For a clearer view of your contracts, Tags appear next to the corresponding contract directly in the   contract list:


You can create as many tags as needed to work hand in hand with your internal organization processes. As a best practice, we suggest that you start by creating tags matching:

  • your internal departments: “Sales”, "HR ", “Procurement”, etc..
  • any recurring contract types or categories : "Customer", “Vendors”, “HR”, “Real Estate”, etc...

Each contract can have one or multiple tags.

Creating Folders via Tags:

Any time you create a tag, a folder is automatically added in your Concord Inbox with the name of Tag. In addition, all the tagged documents are automatically added to their corresponding folder. This allows users to better manage their documents and retrieve them with more ease. 

These folders can be accessed by clicking the More button on the left sidebar of your Concord inbox.


Create tags to help organize your contracts - If you are an administrator

To create a tag:

  • Settings > Company Settings > Tags Management
  • Add a tag > Enter Name > Create


Apply a tag to your contract:

Add a tag directly in the Summary Tab of a contract view:

  • Summary > General Information > Edit
  • Add a Tag name
  • Confirm by clicking the blue checkmark

Find contracts using tags :

You can easily search your contracts by Tags. For a more specific search, you can also input your Tag search directly in the search bar.


Delete a tag - If you are an administrator

To delete a tag:

  • Settings > Company Settings > Tags Management
  • Click on the "delete" button at right of name of the tag you want to delete

(This feature is available with Standard, Plus, and Enterprise subscriptions) 

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