Managing your tags

Why use Tags?

Tags will help you:

  • Organise and group your documents
  • Easily retrieve your documents by filtering the Inbox
  • Control who has access to documents (more info here

You can create as many tags as you need, to reflect your internal organisation in your Concord account. As a best practice, we suggest that you start by creating tags matching:

  • Internal departments: Legal, Sales, HR, Procurement, etc.
  • Any recurring document types or categories: "Customers", “Vendors”, “HR”, “Real Estate”, etc...

Each document can have any number of tags.

Displaying tags in the Inbox

To display the tags column in your Inbox, click on the Customise icon on the right side of the toolbar and select the 'Tags' column.


Organising with tags

When you create a tag, it appears automatically as a filter in the sidebar of your Inbox.

Select the 'Tags' link in the sidebar to open a list of your tags. Click on a tag to quickly filter your Inbox to only show documents with that tag. You can select multiple tags for further filtering.

You can also enter a tag name into the search bar to find corresponding in documents. 


Creating tags to help organize your documents - for Administrators

To create a tag:

  • Settings > Company Settings > Tags Management
  • Add a tag > Enter Name > Create




Applying a tag to a document:

  • Open the document you want to tag (from the Inbox); 
  • Select the 'Summary' tab in the right panel;
  • Click on the 'Add tags' button in the first section of the Summary Sheet;
  • Begin typing the name of the tag you wish to add in the input field;
  • Select an existing tag from the dropdown menu that appears as you type, or
  • Add a new tag to the document (tag names cannot include spaces, commas, colons, or semicolons)
  • Press return to add the tag. The added tag will appear under the input field in a grey container. 
  • Add as many tags as you wish to the document. 
  • Select 'Save' when you are done.  


Deleting a tag - (Administrator feature)

To delete a tag:

  • Go to Settings > Company Settings > Tags Management;
  • Select the tag(s) you want to delete;
  • Click on the "Delete" button on top of the table

Important notes :

  • If a tag is used in an access rule, it will be ignored and not deleted. You need to delete the corresponding access rules first.
  • If a tag has children, they will be also be deleted, even if they weren't explicitly selected.
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