Set your preferences

Once you've created your account & set up your profile, you can set your preferences. 

You can choose:

  • Your preferred language

You will be able to define your preferred language. Concord is currently available in English and French, with more to come. 


  • To display tags in the Contract Library

Tags help you better organize your contracts. You can choose to display tags in the Contract Library or not.

If you are an admin, Tags also allow you to define access rights of your colleagues. 


  • Users personalize their alerts:

You can define exactly how long in advance you want to be alerted of a deadline

In the example above, any deadline will appear in my email reminders 90 days before the deadline. 

You can unsubscribe from all alerts by unchecking the option.





Where to find your preferences:

gray wheel on the bottom left > Profile Settings >Preferences





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