Create a document from a PDF

Concord allows you to create a document directly from an imported PDF document by adding text, required, and signature fields onto the document. 

Add required fields and text fields to a PDF document

  • Required fields are fields that colleagues or third parties must fill in order to unlock the sign button and sign the document. 
  • Text fields are optional 

Note: If you'd like your colleague or third party to fill only the required fields, then limited edit rights should be given. 

If you'd like your colleague or third party to be able to both edit the text and required fields, then full edit rights should be granted. 






To add required / text fields onto a PDF:

1. Click on Edit
2. Click on Insert
3. Select Required field or Text field
4. Click and drag the 3 lines icon to the left of the field to move the field around




Note: You must define a name for the field before your colleagues or the other party is able to edit it. 


  • a required field that must be fulfilled in order to unlock the Sign button. A name must be defined for the field in order for it to be editable.
  • optional text field that the document originator or other party can fill. A name must be defined for the field to be editable. 


You can also add signature fields anywhere on the PDF. Once signed, the signatures will appear at the bottom of the document as well as at the location in the PDF where you placed the signature fields.

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    Very helpful thanks Nicole. Any chance you'll be adding "Create a template from a PDF" functionality any time soon? It'd be able to upload a PDF of a standard form of agreement as a template and then create contracts from it for signing by various counter-parties. Because it's a template, it'd be even better if the user could upload a replacement PDF as a new version and add an optional comment. That way we can use a single Concord template for each contract template and then update the Concord template when the base version changes. I'd be happy to be a guinea pig if you need someone to test this functionality out. Regards, Grant

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