Archive a contract or a group of contracts

Concord enables you to archive your contracts.

In order to increase simplicity and to optimize the contract management process, our inbox system allows you to archive contracts. 

By default, all new and recently updated contracts will be located in your inbox. You can archive one or more contracts regardless of their stage (Approval, Negotiation, Signature Pending, Signed, In effect, Cancelled, Terminated).

Once archived, contracts will not be visible in your contract list (Inbox), but will still be accessible. When you archive a contract, it will live in the All tab as well as one of the following tabs, depending on contract's lifecycle stage: Templates, In Progress, Executed, etc.  

You can also unarchive contracts to move them back to your inbox. 


Archiving a contract : 

Select the contract(s) > Archive



Unarchiving a contract : 

Select the contract(s) > Move to Inbox:



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