Archiving documents


Why should I Archive my documents?

Archiving a document will remove it from your Inbox, but it will continue to exist in your account. If a document is no longer being actively worked on, you can archive it to reduce clutter and optimize the document management process. You can archive any document regardless of its stage (Template, Review, Pending, and Signed). 

How do I Archive documents?

  1. From the Inbox, check one or more documents to you intend to archive
  2. From the Inbox toolbar, select the Archive icon shown at the top of the screen
  3. All selected documents will be immediately archived and no longer visible from the Inbox  


How do I view my archived documents?

Once archived, contracts will no longer be visible in your Inbox but, don't worry, they are still available to you in your account.

Archived documents are included in their respective folders according to their stage (Templates, In progress, Executed) from the sidebar. For example, let's say you are looking for a template that has been archived. Simply go to the template folder shown on the left side of your inbox and click into the folder


By choosing the appropriate folder, you will be able to access an archived document.

You can also toggle open the 'More' tab in the sidebar and select the 'All' tab to view all documents in all stages (Template, Review, Pending, and Signed)—both archived and those in the Inbox. 


How do I unarchive my documents?

At anytime you need to, a contract can be unarchived and returned to the inbox to be visible normally. In order to unarchive, users should go through the following steps:

  1. From the Templates, In progress, Executed, or All tab, select the documents you wish to unarchive or move back into the Inbox. 
  2. Once documents have been selected, a new action will appear in your toolbar called 'Move to Inbox'. Select this option. 
  3. All selected documents will be immediately move back to the Inbox. They will continue to appear in the 'All' tab as well as their respective lists by stage (Templates, In progress, Executed) from the sidebar. 


Once this action has been taken, the documents will return to be visible in the Inbox.

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