Administrator Access and Administrator Oversight

1. Administrator Access

The administrator access feature on Concord allows a user who is an administrator to have access to view each document within your company. The benefit of this feature is to have transparency on all documents on behalf of your company. 

This feature can be found on the Preferences page in:

Settings > Company Settings > Preference > Administrator access



2. Administrator Oversight

The administrator oversight feature on Concord allows a user who is an administrator to have access to view each document within your company and the ability to grant themselves direct access to a document. 

From the inbox view, you will notice an "eye" icon indicating you are able to view this document, but you do not have direct access until you opt-in to "join" the document.



You can opt-in to "join" a document by clicking the name of the document from the inbox and clicking "Join document" at the top right-hand corner. The benefit of joining a document is gaining direct access.

Note: If you have direct access to a document you will receive every notification associated with that document. The purpose of this feature is to is to reduce the number of notifications as an administrator.



To "join" multiple documents from your inbox:

Select the documents from your inbox > Actions > Join 



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