Data export

On Concord, you can export your entire list of executed contracts, along with descriptive elements for each contract such as:

  • General Information: status, title, signed with, tags, creation date, etc.
  • Lifecycle information: signature date, end date, notice, etc.
  • Financial clauses: financial flows, amounts, deadlines, etc.

Here are the steps for the export (feature available for Group, Professional and Enterprise subscriptions)

  • Navigate to you Concord Inbox
  • Click on 'Actions' at the top of the page, then 'Export list'.
  • Then choose between Simple Export or an Advanced Export
    • Simple Export will include data about document status, who the document was signed with, signature date, and the end date
    • Advance Export will include simple export data with the addition of the document’s Lifecycle, Financial clauses, and other clauses





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