Data export

This feature is offered with some of our paid plans.

On Concord, you can export your document data, including:

  • General data: status, title, signed with, tags, creation date, etc.
  • Lifecycle data: signature date, end date, notice, etc.
  • Clauses: financial flows, amounts, deadlines, etc.

How to Export:

  1. Navigate to your Documents page
  2. (optional) Filter your Inbox by title, status, tag, and/or creator
  3. Click on the 'Actions' menu and select 'Export list'. Screen_Shot_2020-11-11_at_12.14.15_PM.png
  4. In the Export modal, choose between Simple or Advanced Export
    • Simple Export includes document status, parties, signature date, and end date data
    • Advanced Export includes all simple export data with the addition of the document’s lifecycle (signature date, end date, etc), financial clauses, and other clauses
  5. Choose between Excel or Txt format
  6. Click Send Screen_Shot_2020-11-11_at_12.16.37_PM.png
  7. Your Export will begin to generate and appear shortly for download

Note: You will also receive an email with your attached file. Please note that depending on volume and file size, exports can take a few hours to generate.





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