Setting Up Teams

Teams define groups of users, which you can then share or give document access to multiple users in a single action. Teams help manage people with similar roles such as Sales, Operations, or Marketing. Note: One user can belong to any number of teams. 


To create a Team:

  • Select 'Settings' by clicking the gear icon in the bottom left-hand corner.



  • Select 'Teams' and then 'Add New Team.'


  • Enter the 'Team Name' and 'Team Description,' and select 'Create.'


  • Click into the Team you would like to add members to, and then select 'Add.'
  • Select the users you would like added to the Team and click 'Submit' Note: Users must be a part of your Company to appear in the select users list. Read more about adding users here. Screen_Shot_2021-04-27_at_3.20.04_PM.png

Assign users to a team:

  • As an Administrator or Team Manager, navigate to the User management list page. Select 'Settings' and under Company Settings, select 'Users.'
  • Select the User you would like to add to a team by clicking into the checkbox. Once the name is highlighted, select 'Assign Team.'


  • Select the Team you would like the user added to from the dropdown and click 'Apply.'



To remove users from a team:

  • As an Administrator or Team Manager, go to the User list
  • Select the users you want to remove from a team. An 'Assign team' action will appear when one or more checkboxes is selected. Click on 'Assign team,' and deselect the teams you want the user removed from, then click 'Apply.'


To delete a team:

As an administrator, go to 'Settings' and select 'Teams.' Select the teams you want to delete, and click 'Delete Team' Note: The users themselves won't be deleted. 


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