Audit Trail

The audit trail can be found in the AUDIT tab of the Summary Sheet.

What is recorded in the Audit Trail?

The Audit trail logs a record of all of the activity that occurs on a document, including the date and time it happened and the person who performed the action. Actions that are logged include:

  • When the document was created
  • When new versions are created
  • When the stage changes
  • When someone joins the document

Note: Clauses added to the summary sheet are tracked in the audit trail, but standard and custom fields are not tracked. 

The audit trail continues to record actions taken a document after it has been signed. This includes invitations, changes to the lifecycle, and termination of the document to manage compliance.

Do Guests see the Audit Trail?

All activity that occurs between creating the document to the moment before the document is shared with an external guest remains private and visible only to internal users. 

External guests do not see any audit trail logs for workflow approvals, regardless of when they were invited to join the document. These logs include adding, modifying, or removing an approval, as well as when approvals are requested and completed. 



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