Using a Template

Once a template has been created, you can use this template to build out new document drafts. These documents can then be customized, shared internally and externally, redlined, and e-signed.


To use a template:

  • Click on "Documents" page


  • Click on a template from your list of documents to open it.


  • Click 'Start Draft'.  Screen_Shot_2021-04-27_at_12.50.36_PM.png

When you click 'Use', you are creating a new 'Draft'. Drafts are personal documents and are only visible to you, the creator of the draft. From here you can make edits and adjustments to the document. Unlike shared documents and templates, drafts are not visible to company admins. 


To edit the Draft:

  • Select 'Edit' from the top right corner.    Screen_Shot_2021-04-20_at_3.12.51_PM.png
  • Make changes to the document
  • Click SAVE in the top right-hand corner




Once the document is ready to be sent to a colleague or third party, click on the 'Share' button and enter the email address. Click here to learn more about inviting parties to your document.


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