Downloading the signed version of your contract

How do I download my signed Contract? 

When you have a contract that has been fully signed, Concord will automatically create a PDF version of the signed contract. This version will contain the eSignatures of all parties.

Please note: Signatures only appear on the .pdf version when all parties have signed. If you download a .pdf version of a contract that is Status: Pending the download will not contain a signature block. 

After a contract is signed, you can obtain a download of the final signed contract by hovering over the download icon found at the top of document viewer and selecting download as PDF, shown below:


Note: you will also have the option to download a .docx file however, the eSignature is only present on the PDF version of the contract.

Once you download the PDF you will notice that this version contains some additional data applied to the contract to make the eSignature binding.  

You will find the contract's Document ID at the bottom of each page of the .pdf file. The Document ID reinforces the security of downloaded contracts as it links each page to the contract's Audit Trail.


This signature block will display information to make the signature binding including the document ID, Signature ID, Signature Date, IP Address of the Signing party, and the Signing Party's email address all to ensure that the eSignature is legally binding.


You will always have access to your contracts and their related history through your Concord account, eliminating the need for paper documents. 

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