Post Install Instructions

Congratulations. You've successfully installed Concord for Salesforce!

To complete the installation, you need to:

  • Go to Setup > Customize > Opportunities > Page Layouts
  • Edit your Opportunity Layout
  • Drag & Drop the Field "Concord UID" into the Opportunity Information section

  • Drag & Drop the Button "Sign with Concord" into Custom Buttons section

  • Save your layout



Next, to install a user, you simply have to: 

  • Generate an API Key from the Concord account you would like to see the documents sent to
  • Go in the Menu > Settings > Integrations > Click Generate an API Key and copy it


Contact if the API Key feature is not yet activated on the users' accounts.  


Back to the Salesforce to set up:

  • Select Concord from the App Menu
  • Go on the Concord Tab to configure your settings
  • Enter the API Key



You're done!


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