Post Install Instructions & Creating Salesforce Templates

Congratulations. You've successfully installed Concord for Salesforce!

Setting up the Integration

To complete the installation, you need to:

  • Go to Setup > Customize > Opportunities > Page Layouts
  • Edit your Opportunity Layout
  • Drag & Drop the Fields "Concord UID" and "Concord document status" into the Opportunity Information section

  • Drag & Drop the Button "Sign with Concord" into Custom Buttons section

  • Save your layout



Next, to install a user, you simply have to: 

  • Generate an API Key from the Concord account you would like to see the documents sent to
  • Go in the Menu > Settings > Integrations > Click Generate an API Key and copy it


Contact if the API Key feature is not yet activated on the users' accounts.  


Back to the Salesforce to set up:

  • Select Concord from the App Menu
  • Go on the Concord Tab to configure your settings
  • Enter the API Key and click the "Validate key and update available templates" button
  • Click Save

You will receive a Warning message indicating that you need to create a template on Concord to complete the integration. Disregard and continue setting up the integration.


Once you have added the API, in the same page, choose which field you would like to send to Concord. You can insert:

  • Any field from the Account object
  • Any field from the Opportunity object
  • Any field from the Opportunity Primary Contact object



Once done you will be able to start creating your templates in Concord. 


Creating the Salesforce Templates in Concord

To be able to start creating document from your Opportunities, you need to create Salesforce templates in Concord.

1. Creating an Automated Template:

  • Click on the three dots next to Edit and click Set as Automated Template

  •  Select the Salesforce as the Automated Template type (Click the Salesforce Icon)

2. Add Salesforce variables to your Automated Template:

  • Click on the Automated Variables button and once you have selected the variables you would like to add, click the Add Variables button

  • Once you have placed the automated variables on your document, click Save.

Once you have saved your Automated Template, it is ready to be used on Salesforce.

You're done!


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