Salesforce Concord App: New Installation Instructions

This article contains instructions on how to configure the Concord Salesforce integration for the first time. To update to a new package, please contact Concord Support.

1. Install Concord for Salesforce App


Once you receive the Concord app link from your Concord representative, log into Salesforce and follow these steps:

  1. Open the link > select Install for All Users
  2. Check the “I acknowledge…” box, and then click the Install button
  3. Check the box and then click the Continue button
  4. Wait for the installation to complete (this can take a few minutes)
  5. Once complete, click Done


2. Configure Opportunity Page Layout in Salesforce


  1. Click Object Manager tab
  2. Search for Opportunity object from the list, click
  3. Select Page Layouts from the panel on the left
  4. Select the Opportunity Layout(s) that you'd like to change. Proceed with the following steps for each layout.

2.1 Related List: Add 'Concord Documents' 


  1. Select Related Lists
  2. Drag and drop Concord Document to the Related List section (see below)Concord_documents.gif
  3. Click on the tool icon tool_icon.gif
  4. Update Columns by choosing the fields to display on the related list. We recommend matching the screenshot below:related_list_properties.png
  5. Expand the Buttons section by click on the “+” to the right of Buttons 
  6. Uncheck the two options (New and Change Owner) at the Standard Button (see below)
  7. Move New document with Concord option to the Selected Buttons section (see below)related_list_buttons.gif

2.2 Buttons: Add 'New document with Concord' button

  1. Click Buttonsclick_buttons.png
  2. Drag and drop the New document with Concord to the Custom Buttons section (see below)new_doc_with_concord_custom_button.gif
  3. Drag and drop the New document with Concord to the Mobile & Lightning Action section buttons_mobile_and_lightening.gif
  4.  Important: Click Save to save all changes click_save.png

3. Configure Concord App

3.1 Connect with a Concord Account

  1.  From the menu in the top-right corner of the page, select 'Concord' from the App Menu Screen_Shot_2019-10-17_at_5.49.32_PM.png
  2. Select Concord tab to configure your settings and select the Connect account buttonconnect_2019-10-17_at_5_51_58_PM.png
  3. If prompted, enter your Concord account credentials and click Connect. In the Authentication section, you should see your Concord username/email listed for 'Linked account'

3.2 Setup Fields sent to Concord 

Once you have connected your account, on the same page, choose which fields you would like to send to Concord. You can insert:

  • Any field from the Account object
  • Any field from the Opportunity object
  • Any field from the Opportunity Primary Contact object


4. Configure Automated Templates in Concord

Click here to learn more about creating Salesforce Automated Templates in Concord. 

5. Configure Sharing Permissions

This step will be configuring the highest level of possible editing rights granted when using Templates to share with parties. Learn more about sharing and editing rights here.

  1. Open the Concord app in Salesforce
  2. Click the Concord tabediting_rights.png
  3. Update Highest level of sharing permission settings for the 1) templates configured in step 4 and 2) document from notes and attachmentshighest_level_sharing.png
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