Creating Concord documents from Salesforce

Concord's Salesforce integration allows users to generate documents using Salesforce variables and sent it to their third party for signature. 

To send your document from Salesforce:

  • Go to your Salesforce account and select the opportunity you would like to use and Click "New document with Concord"
  • From Available Templates, select the template you created
  • You can also invite people when the contract is ready or save people to invite later
  • Select the editing rights you would like to use and add the email address of the people you would like to share the document with
  • Click "Share and view" will:
    • Create document
    • Send the invitations (if you have selected "Invite when the contract is created")
    • Open the document created in a new tab
  • Click "Share": 
    • Create document
    • Send the invitations (if you have selected "Invite when the contract is created")
    • Go back to your Opportunity

Once you click the Sign button in Salesforce, all the variables are filled out and your document is automatically shared and is ready to be signed on Concord. 


Track document statuses from Salesforce:

In the Opportunity, "Concord document" related list helps track the document status. In particular, it indicates:

  • "In progress": your document has been created and the invitation(s) was/were sent.
  • "Sign, pending": signature has been requested or at least one signature has been added to your document
  • "Signed": the document is signed

 You can view your document at any time by clicking the "View" button.

View signed document in Salesforce:

Once the document get signed and executed on Concord:

  • The signed document will be uploaded automatically into the Opportunity as PDF
  • The "Concord document status" wil indicate signed 




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