Request Signature

With 'Request Signature', parties can remind a signer that their signature is required on a document they've joined.

To request a signature:

  1. Complete required actions like tracked changes, approvals, required fields (as displayed in the Document Progress card)
  2. Add Signers or to your document
  3. Invite your parties/signers to the document.
    • Signers must join the document to request their signature
  4. Click Request Signature on the Signer Panel or Document Progress card


Once requested, the signer(s) will receive an emailed notification:

  • When you 'request signature' for 'Any internal user', all internal users that have joined the document will receive an email notification and see the document under their 'Tasks'
  • When you 'request signature' for 'Any external guest', all external guests that have joined the document will receive an email notification (if they registered for a Concord account, they see the document under their 'Tasks')

'Signing' stage

When you request the first signature, the document is automatically marked as 'ready to sign':

The document will move to the 'Signing' stage and the editing function will be locked(Learn more about the 'ready to sign' function on the Document Progress Card, here).

Note: Clicking the 'Request Signature' button is optional. As long as all other required actions have been completed, signatories can still sign the contract even if their signature has not been 'requested'.


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