Custom Branding

 The Custom Branding feature is available with some of our paid plans.

With the Custom Branding feature, your company can:

  • Add your company brand/logo to document invitation emails 
  • Personalize your email domain
  • Disable Concord branding for third parties

Access Custom Branding

  • Click the Settings gear icon
  • Click 'Settings'
  • Click 'Preferences' under Company
  • Scroll down to the Custom Branding section and select 'Settings'



  • From the Custom Branding page, you can quickly view if the feature is activated in your account by looking at the Active/Inactive icon on each section.



Personalized Email Content

  • With this feature, all emails sent to third parties will be branded with the logo of your choice and your Company name will appear in the email instead of Concord.  
  • Go to Custom Branding settings (in Company Preferences)
  • Select 'Update New Logo'
  • Add your logo
  • Click Save



Personalized Email Sender

  • Personalize emails so they are sent from your servers with the email of your choice. To activate Personalized Email Sender:
  • Email support at with companies/subsidiaries you want to have the personalized emails activated for and the sender information (i.e sender name and sender email, <>)
  • Have your technical team set up DKIM and SPF records for the Concord IP address 

Please Note: The custom email sender will come from the email domain of your choice for Third-party invitations only. 


Personalized contract view

  • Lastly, you can activate the personalized contract view. When activated, your third party view on a contract will not include any Concord branding from the contract page and from the Signed PDF.
  • To Activate, simply click the Disable Concord Branding from Third-Parties' contract page box.

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