Custom Branding


Companies under the Enterprise Plan have the option to personalize the experience of their third parties:

  • customize emails sent to third parties
  • personalize email sender
  • disable Concord branding from third parties’ contract page view


To access the custom branding Feature:

  • Go to Settings (grey wheel at the bottom left your inbox)
  • Click on Preferences under the Company Settings
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Settings in the Custom Branding section


From the Custom Branding page, you can quickly view if the feature is activated in your account by looking at Active/Inactive icon on each section.


Personalized email content

With this feature, all emails sent to third parties will be branded with the logo of your choice and the Company name will appear in the email instead of Concord.  

 To activate the Personalized Email Content to upload your logo:

  • Click Update New Logo button from the Custom Branding settings
  • Select a logo
  • Click Save



Personalized email sender

Personalize emails so they are sent from your servers with the email of your choice. To activate Personalized Email Sender:

  • Email support at with companies/subsidiaries you want to have the future activated for and the sender information (i.e name of the email, for example, <>)
  • Have your technical team set up DKIM and SPF records for the Concord IP address 

Please Note: The custom email sender will come from the email domain of your choice for Third-party invitations only. When you share a contract internally, the invite notification will come from or 


Personalized contract view

Lastly, you can activate the personalized contract view. When activated, your third party view on a contract will not include any Concord branding from the contract page and from the Signed PDF.

To Activate, simply click the Disable Concord Branding from Third-Parties' contract page box.

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