Documents Page

Your Documents page, or "Inbox", is where you'll find all of the documents that you have access to in your company Concord account. 


To view your Documents page, select 'Documents' from the lefthand menu on the Home page. blobid0.png


Sorting your Documents

By default, your Documents page will be sorted by ’Last Modified’ with the most recently modified documents at the top.

  • To change the sort order of your documents, click on the column header you wish to sort by.
  • To change the order from ascending to descending, click the column header again.

Note: Documents cannot be sorted using the 'Tags' column.

Customizing the columns of your Documents page

By default, your Documents will display the following columns:

  • Stage/status
  • Title
  • With (external parties)
  • Date last modified

To add or remove columns from your Documents page:


  1. Select the settings menu located on the far-right of the Documents page toolbar
  2. Select the checkboxes for the columns you wish to add to your Documents page
  3. Deselect the checkboxes you want to remove from your Documents page

Note: the Title, Stage/Status, and With (External parties) columns cannot be removed from the Documents page.


Modifying column order


To rearrange the order the columns in your Documents page appear, click and hold the column you wish to move and drag it to the desired location. As you drag, you will see the horizontal blue line appear in the location in which you can place the column.

Note: the column of checkboxes on the left edge of the Documents page cannot be removed to relocated.

Modifying column width 


You can increase or decrease the width of the columns to create a layout that best meets your needs.

To adjust the width of a column:

  1. Position your cursor between two column headers.
  2. Your cursor will change from a pointer (white hand) to arrows pointing left and right with a vertical bar separating them.
    The border between the columns will also change to a dotted blue line.
  3. Click, hold, and drag your cursor left or right to change the column width. You will see the column resizing as users adjust the width.


With filters, you can quickly narrow down your Documents page by titlestagetag, or creator. To learn more about Document filters, click here.


The 'Stages' menu allows you to view all documents in a particular stage (Template, Draft, Review, Signing, Signed, Canceled, Deleted).


To view documents in a particular stage:

  1. Click 'Stages' to open the menu 
  2. Click on a stage, for example, 'Signed' (or, click All to view all)


Documents in ‘Draft’, 'Canceled', or 'Deleted' will not be displayed on your Documents page by default. To view documents in these stages, click Stages and select the stage name.

Archived documents

By default, archived documents do not appear on your Documents page. To learn more about archiving, un-archiving, and viewing archived documents, click here.  

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