Global Search

Use the Global Search tool located at the top of your Home and Documents page to find documents in your Company account(s). You can search for documents by their:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Third Party/Parties
  • Content (including PDFs)

To search for a document, simply click next to the magnifying glass icon and start typing.


Once you have entered a search, you can use the filters in the left sidebar to narrow down your results. You can filter your result by the:

  • Status
  • Tags
  • Third-party
  • Company (if you have more than one company)


Learn more about Document Filters here.

Searching in the "Parent" or Subsidiary Companies

If your company has subsidiaries, search includes documents in from any subsidiaries you've joined, as well. You can refine your results by selecting (or de-selecting) by the company in the left sidebar. 


Note: Only users with access to documents in other subsidiaries will see subsidiary documents in their search results.


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