Search and Filter Documents from the Inbox

1. Global search

Use the Search tool located at the top of your Inbox to find documents in your account. In the search bar, you can search for documents by their:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Third party Name
  • Content of Word and PDF uploaded documents

To search for a document, simply click next to the magnifying glass icon and start typing.

Inbox search bar

Once you have entered a search, you can use the filters in the left sidebar to narrow down your results. You can filter your result by the:

  • Status
  • Tags
  • Third-party
  • Company (if you have more than one company)

Inbox search results

Searching for documents in parent company or subsidiary accounts

If your company has subsidiaries, search includes documents in subsidiary Inboxes as well. You can refine your results by filtering by company in the left sidebar. 


Note: Only users with access to documents in other subsidiaries will see subsidiary documents in their search results.


2. Using Filters from the Inbox 

There are 2 types of filters:

1. The filter function at the top right of your inbox. The filter function searches your inbox for:

  • Third parties
  • Description of the document
  • Title of the document

Note: You will still be able to see the "Stage" of the contract, whereas when using the search bar you do not.

In this example, I searched for our third party "Acme."


2. The sidebar (circled in blue in the screenshot) act as filters. A darker grey bar will appear to show what filter has been selected. You can filter your inbox by:

  • Templates
  • In progress
  • Executed
  • Tags (click "more" to view tags)
    • When you create a tag, it appears automatically as a filter in the sidebar of your Inbox. Filtering documents by tag can be done from the Inbox. 

In this example, I clicked "in-progress," and entered the third party name"Acme" in the filter bar at the top right. This will show all in progress documents with that third party. To search by tag you would follow the same steps.



Tips when filtering documents from the inbox:

  • "Change your view" on your inbox to see more details associated with each document. Click the categories at the top right of the inbox to view:
    • End date
    • Creation date
    • Description
    • Last modified date
    • Signature date
    • Tags
  • You are able to sort by these attributes by clicking at the top of each column.







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