Commenting on a document

To post a comment on a document and select whether the comment is for internal or external review:

  1. Highlight the text you'd like to add a comment to
  2. Click on the "Comment icon" that appears at the top of the selected text
  3. Add your comment in the comment box
  4. Select viewing rights: Either Public (everyone on the document can see your comment) or Internal (only members of your organization can see your comment) *Internal comments will be highlighted yellow*
  5. Once you've made your comments, click the blue "COMMENT" button to post your comment



Note: that once a comment has been posted, its visibility cannot be changed. 

Replying to and resolving comments

To reply to a comment:

  1. Select the comment you'd like to reply to
  2. Enter your response in the input field
  3. Select the "Reply" button when you are done
  4. When ready to Resolve a comment, simply select the comment you'd like to resolve and click the grey "RESOLVE" button



Note: The visibility of replies will remain the same as the initial comment.


Viewing Comment History

All comments and replies made on the document can be viewed under the Audit tab at the right side of the document, under the 'Comments' sub-tab.


Uploading Comments from Word

You can import comments added to a Word document directly during import.
To import comments made in Word, simply follow these steps: 

  1. Enter Edit mode on a document and select the "Import document" button from the editor toolbar, OR drag-and-drop the Word document onto your screen 
  2. In the import modal dialog, select your Word file using the "Browse" button
  3. Select the 'Import Comments' checkbox
  4. Set the visibility of the comments to either Internal or Public
  5. Click "Import"


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