Why can't I sign a document?

When using Concord, there are times when the signature fields will not be available to users, or in other cases, Signatures will be locked. This is to ensure that the contract is meeting Concords standards for completion.

Why is there a lock icon in next to Sign?

In instances where the sign button is locked you will be able to see a lock icon in the green Sign button at the top right of the Concord panel.


The lock icon is present when a contract is not ready to sign. The reasons that a contract signature would be locked is for the one of the following reasons:

  • There are required fields that have not been filled by users
  • There are redline edits that have been made to the document that have not been accepted
  • There is a workflow approval layer that needs approval before the signing

For more information about these topics, please see the knowledge base articles for the following:

Required Fields - Here

Redline Edits - Here

Workflow Approval - Here

I am trying to sign but there is no Sign Button. Why is that?

The Sign button at the top right of the document panel will only appear for users that have been invited to sign by the originator of the document.

If the signature button is not visible, this means that the user was not configured to the signature block and the admin of the contract will need to make an edit to the signature block in order to change it. 

For more information about setting up a signature block refer to this article - Here

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