Why can't I sign a document?

To ensure that all of your agreements are ready before execution, the "Sign" feature will only become functional once all steps are complete.

Why is there a lock icon in next to Sign?

When a document is not ready for signature, the sign button will be "locked".


The document may be locked due to one (or all) the following:

  • There are incomplete required fields. Learn more Here.
  • There are edits (tracked changes) that have not yet been accepted. Learn more Here.
  • There is an incomplete internal approval workflow. Learn more Here.

Required fields, tracked changes, and internal approval workflows must be completed (or accepted) before signatories may sign.


Progress Card

Tip: Your Document's Progress Card displays all steps required to Sign. 


Why doesn't my document have a "Sign" button?

The "Sign" button will only appear for parties that have been invited to sign an agreement that is ready for signature. If you open an agreement and the signature button is not visible, this means that you have not yet been assigned to a signature block.

The documents' creator (or those granted sufficient rights) must assign the signature block. If you believe this to be a mistake, please request this to be changed by in your agreement's discussion panel.


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