How to Delete your Company

You may request to delete your Company and its data from our portal. Concord is GDPR compliant - you have complete control over your data.

To delete your Company, please follow these steps:

1. Download all documents, templates, and drafts that you would like to preserve for your records.

2. Cancel any In-progress agreements (Review or Pending signature) and any signed/executed contracts. This will notify any external parties involved. Navigate to All agreements, found under "More", then check the box to the left of all agreements in Review or Pending. Finally, navigate to the delete icon at the top of the page and select "Cancel Contract".​​

3. Send all agreements to Trash. Navigate to your Canceled contracts folder (nested under "More") and select all documents. Finally, click on the trash icon and then click "Send to trash".​

4. Empty your Trash. Go to your Delete folder, select all documents, click on the trash icon and then click "Delete".​ This will permanently delete your documents.

5. Submit a Request. Account Administrator must Submit a request to Concord Support with a written confirmation that you have downloaded necessary data, canceled any outstanding agreements, and deleted all documents from Concord.




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