Adding users to your account

Adding new users to your company account allows them to perform various actions based on their role and team. A few examples of what users can do based off their role:

  • Access company templates
  • Communicate internally (external guests cannot view internal messages) via the discussion panel and comments within the document
  • Easily share contracts in various statuses

Administrators and Team Managers configure the role of the user. Roles determine the level of access a user has to documents and tags within Concord. 

Note: Only account Admins and Team Managers can add users to an organization.

Three ways to add users to an account

1. Select the 'Add user' icon from the global navigation sidebar along left side of any page: 



2. Select the cog icon on the bottom left of any page and select 'Invite users' from the menu:



3. Admins and Team Managers can go to the Settings > Company Settings > Users



From the User management screen, you can select the 'Add User' button from the top right of the screen.

In the modal, enter the user's email in the first field. Enter multiple email addresses separated by commas to invite multiple users at once. 

Optionally, you can assign the user(s) to teams and select a role for them. 


Select the 'Send' button and the added users will receive an email invitation to join your Concord company account. 


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