Creating and Using Tags

You can create tags from any document's summary sheet or, if you have Administrator permissions, from your Company settings. Tags group contracts together by commonality and can also be used to search and filter for specific documents. 

Note: Accounts created prior to May 2019 can manage document access with Tags. For more information on that process, click here.


Creating Tags from Company Settings 

  • As an Administrator, start by clicking on the Settings gear icon and then click 'Settings.'


  • Select 'Tags'


  • Enter the tag you would like to create in the field marked 'Enter New Tag Name' and select create.



Creating Tags from Summary Sheet

  • Open a document and select 'Summary' on the right-hand side menu.
  • Under 'Add Third-Party Name' select 'Add Tags'
  • Add a pre-defined tag from the dropdown, or create a new tag and select 'Save.'
  • Tag is now applied to the Contract or Document.



Filtering Using Tags

  • Select 'Documents' from the home page left side panel. 
  • From the top left corner, select 'Filters.'
  • From the dropdown, select 'Tags.'
  • Choose the tag you would like to filter your documents by.
  • Documents containing the tag applied in the filter will be displayed on your documents page. 



  • To remove the tag, select the 'X' next to the applied filter.

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