Example : Create a tag and grant access to a team

You can create tags from any document's summary sheet (Users) or from your Company settings (Administrators). This article will illustrate how to create tags, then grant document access to a team via using these tags. 

Create a tag

As an Administrator, start by clicking on the Settings cogwheel, then Settings:


Select Tags Management:


Click Add new tag:Screen_Shot_2018-08-31_at_1.41.51_PM.png

Enter the tag name and click Create:



Now it's time to grant access to the tag you just created.

In the Company settings menu, click on Document access:


Click on Add an access rule:


Click on Select tag then type in the tag name:


Click on Add/remove collaborators and select the users and/or teams you want to give access to this tag:


Click on Submit.


You're done!

The selected users and teams now have access to all current and upcoming Templates and Signed documents bearing this tag.

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